Clinical Services


A. Counselling: 

  1. Sex and Sexuality Counselling
  2. Relationship counselling.
  3. SRH counselling
  4. Adolescent and youth issues
  5. Fertility
B. Family Planning/Contraception:
  1. Counselling
  2. Provision of contraceptives including:
    1. oral contraceptive pills
    2. injectables,
    3. intrauterine device (IUCD),
    4. implants,
    5. emergency contraceptive,
    6. condoms (male and female).

C. Comprehensive Abortion Care:

  1. Pre and post abortion counselling.
  2. Post abortion care

D. STIs screening and management: 

E. HIV related:

  1. Pre- and/or post-test counselling
  2. HIV testing (for adults and Children)
  3. ART (including Opportunistic infections)
  4. Post exposure prophylaxis.
  5. Psychosocial support
  6. Viral load monitoring

F. Screening: 

  1. Breast examination
  2. Cervical Cancer Screening:
    1. Pap smear: Recommended for older women. Results after 2 weeks
    2. Visual Inspection using Acetic Acid(VIA); Recommended for younger women. Results immediate.
    3. Cryotherapy: Freezing of early detected abnormal cells
  1. Pregnancy test
  2. Haemoglobin (HB) test
  3. Blood glucose (sugar) test
  4. Blood group test
  5. TB Screening
  6. Blood Pressure (BP)
  7. Cholesterol

G. Safe motherhood 

  1. PMTCT
  2. Prenatal/antenatal care.
  3. Post natal care
  4. Ultra sound scan
  5. Child immunisations and growth monitoring

H. Gender-based Violence: 

  1. Counselling/ Screening for Gender-based violence
  2. Treatment of clinical SRH conditions
  3. Referral mechanisms for further clinical, psychosocial and protection services.

I. Male Circumcision

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