FLAS at a Glance!!

Corporate Identity
An accredited member of the IPPF, FLAS is a leader in sexual and reproductive health delivery and youth programming in Swaziland. In line with national vision of health access to all, the organization offers a wide range of SRH services for all in a non-discriminatory manner.

Vision Statement
A Swazi society with fully protected, supported and respected SRHRs

Mission Statement
To champion access to quality and non-discriminatory SRHR information and services in Swaziland through direct service delivery and by enabling other actors.

In a country where the general dominating trends are pervasive poverty and economic inequality, access to quality sexual and reproductive health services remains a key priority area. The social marginalization of vulnerable groups calls for stimulation of a better policy landscape and service delivery mechanisms. Limited access to appropriate information, gender inequality, abuse of cultural norms also add to the barriers that limit service availability and as well as service uptake in settings where those services have been made available. The role of civil society organizations such as FLAS in addressing these challenges is complementary to the role of the government and private sector and, as such, can never be replaced.